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I laughed so much with this silly jokes that I hope you like them too! SOme of them are really silly, but that doesn't mean bad...

1) What is the longest word in the English language? 
SMILES: there is a mile between the first and last letters!" 

2) Teacher: Maria please point to America on the map. 
Maria: This is it. 
Teacher: Well done. Now class, who found America? 
Class: Maria did. 

3) A: Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?
B: Yes I am, I married the wrong woman. 

4) If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
If you teach a man to fish, he can always eat.
If you give a man a fire, he's warm for a day.
If you light a man on fire, he is warm for the rest of his life. 

5) A: Did you hear that a baby was fed on elephant's milk and gained twenty pounds in a week.
B: That's impossible. Whose baby?
A: An elephant's. 

6) "Am I the first man you have ever loved?" he said.
"Of course," she answered "Why do men always ask the same question?". 

7) When I was young I didn't like going to weddings.
My grandmother would tell me, "You're next"
However, she stopped doing that after I started saying the same thing to her at funerals. 

Well that was it hope you liked them! :D

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