Jose Rizal: The Most Influential Person in My Life

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The person who has brought me so much inspiration is no other than Jose Rizal. He is the national hero of the Filipino people. I came to learn about him in great depth when I took up my History 5 subject back in my college days.

Dr. Jose Rizal did not earn his right as the Philippines’ foremost hero by chance. He had proven his worth and greatness by being a paragon of bravery and patriotism. His bravery is not shown in the form of armed struggle, but instead with the use of words through the power of his pen. There goes the saying, “Pen is mightier than the sword.”

He was renowned as a genius, a writer, a scientist and a national hero, among others. His intelligence, however, was not a matter of endowment, as many people falsely suppose. Although his very high IQ was a gift, his wisdom was developed through study and continuous learning. For example, he read almost every book in the library of the University of Sto. Tomas during his time of tenure as a student.

This is something every person should know, that intelligence is not a matter of luck or sheer gift from above. Anyone can attain certain heights of wisdom by doing something, paramount of which is reading. I believe no one can become great and intellectual without reading books.

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I also admire the good values and virtues of Jose Rizal. These are worth mentioning and emulating. One of his guiding principles in life is not to owe money to anyone, and he tried to follow this guideline at all costs. He even suffered hunger and starvation just to avoid debts of any kind.

Although no one is expected to suffer the same torment, each person is expected to appreciate the value of living life without owing someone a dime. Many people take loans to get out of their misery as quickly as possible, only to find their financial woes just worsen. Their loans bound them like iron bars contain prisoners.

Another thing I like about Rizal is his theological inclinations. Despite his wisdom, he had not come to the point where he questioned the existence of God. Instead, he acknowledged the existence of a loving, merciful Father who makes everything happen according to His purpose.

No doubt, he was loved by many people, native Filipinos and foreigners alike. He valued his dignity and word of honor more than food or any material thing. He proved this when he gave up his life for the sake of his country, without taking back on his word.

Jose Rizal is a person whom Filipinos should not forget but instead be proud of. He personified patriotism with his self-sacrifice and martyrdom. Although I have not seen him in person because he passed away long before I came to this world, I have read about his life and works, and I was deeply moved. You can learn from him too if you take the time to come to know about this great person.

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