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Its time for a story a very special story a story made just for you! A Josh Presuto story that he will tell you, based on kind of true events. But mixed up to entertain you, so sit back relax and let your eyes take a read this story might be funny share and comment as you please.


 Our first story begins with a young boy named Josh who needed to pick a college, but had no luck. He wanted to do film very, very badly so he searched the web it took a ton of time to find a school. Sure his grades were good but couldn’t afford NYU. All though this story isn’t affiliated with any school josh knew he had to go or he would look like a fool. So after college visit to college visit he found one like new that was based in Orlando he thought it was cool. So he went down and visited and spent the whole day, and then he enrolled and now its where he stays. He got accepted like that with a few scholarships under his belt. He will pursue his dream in film, because he really loves it.



By: Josh Presuto

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My name is Josh Presuto and have a burning passion for film. PostProduction is my craft I am certified in Final Cut, Adobe After Effects and, Premier. I am also starting to learn Avid. I've been making and editing my own videos since I was ten and will continue to…

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