Judo Fighting for #Bitcoin? New York Open Judo 2014 - A Film Annex Sponsored Event

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Another year has passed in my appreciation of Judo as an Olympic Sport. Film Annex was once again the lead sponsor of the 2014 New York Open Judo held at the New York Athletic Club. Film Annex Founder Francesco Rulli is a Black Belt in Judo, and this year we combined his love for Bitcoin with his love for Judo, and the competition winners were paid in Bitcoin:

This film covers our involvement with Bitcoin at Film Annex and the Women's Annex Foundation. The 2014 NY Open Judo was the first international sports event that rewarded its athletes in Bitcoin. In the video, Film Annex interviews fans in the audience of the NY Open Judo, bloggers, business people, athletes, who talk about Bitcoin and advocate for the digital currency and its benefits.

For more information, follow me here on my Film Annex Blog and also on Twitter - @TargetThinking. 

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