Junk Food

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Food is very important in life even in animal’s life. No one can live without food. Humans need food for grow, reproduce and maintain good health. Without food our bodies cannot stay warm, built or repair tissues or cells. Our food contains certain chemical substances called nutrients. These nutrients help our body to do its functions. They are classified as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Junk food is the food that is easy to prepare and eat but it is considered to be bad for one’s health. It contains a lot of fats and sugars. It include potato chips, candies, sugar, chocolates, cold drinks and other such eatable or drinkable things.it is high in calories but of little nutritional value. It does not form any important part of our diet.

Sometimes it is eaten in place of food or in addition to regular meals. It is easily available at shops and utility stores. Usually people of all ages use junk food. But children love to eat it. As it is tasty they eat it with relish. The junk food that consist sugars and chocolates causes tooth decay particularly in children.

The reason of this blog is that the junks food is not good for health. Therefore in short it should not frequently be eaten.

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