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There are two days in the week we should not so worry.

One was yesterday, with mistakes, worries, sins, shortcomings silly, the ache and pain. Yesterday went through. All the money in the world can not bring back yesterday. We can not cancel an action that we have done as well as can not erase a word we have uttered. Yesterday was also long gone.

There is one more day that we should not worry, that's tomorrow with the intolerable enemies, burden of life, the hopeful promise but the performance is so worse. Tomorrow's sun will rise either dazzling or is hidden behind a cloud, but no matter what, it will still grow. And just before it grows up tomorrow, we still do not have any threat, because it has not yet been born..

Therefore, only a sole day - TODAY - Anybody struggling to live even one day. Actually not that experienced today makes us worried, but it was the regret about what happened yesterday and the fear of what tomorrow may bring.

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