“Just living isn’t enough,” said the butterfly. “One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ( Click by me)

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If you just do not understand any of enough life no creature, and (in many cases, the same plant) caterpillar is only in the case of the leaves will be. Eat to cover day and night, skin after skin, the cells were burned down, surrounded by only a week converted. Although flying from flower to flower, to break the shell to the freedom of the sun, you need to know what is happiness.

Most of us have no doubt, "There is not enough Elan!", I agree to a butterfly, we will need more. We more. And with us, that "the sun, you have a small flower" and freedom. Made in the image of God, we give you the opportunity and the honor you will need to convert the good, truth and beauty.

**Sunshine is good**
According to the law to change one of the thermodynamic entropy kind, physical space and the bottom of the second. It may be useful to further change in the process of one-way forms. Until now, the process returns to his previous form, intended to reach the state is not available.

God has created an amazing molecular machine to produce the power plants. They can be used to create glucose Chemical -The life energy (C6H12O6), it reacts with carbon dioxide (CO 2) and water (H 2 O), to absorb solar energy waves.

By drinking the nectar from the flowers, the butterfly is glucose that is required to be Frite free in the warm sun. By eating the animals that eat the plants and the plant, we, molecular machines, all the cells of our body to make oxygen (O2) of the explosion -into this glucose for energy for our bodies to function in The answer is found. We eat in the sun for one or two times.

If we consider Jesus Christ, who is the soul of our sun. Jesus said:. "Although I am the light of the world I do not walk in the darkness, even the next must have the light of life" (John 8 時 12 NIV.). John continued: It is because of the shedding of his blood to wash away our sin that we have the evidence, Jesus' righteousness, since. He gives us. In this new life, we can not any longer able to walk in the dark, and Jesus was walking in the light - we grow in holiness, goodness (1 John 1: 5-7). Jesus is food for the soul to create the power needed for the good in our lives.

**Freedom Truth**
Caterpillar, as caught on cam, we can in this world of sin, the devil and catch his will. We came to our senses, its binding (2 Ti 2: 25b-26) in order to escape, if you do not repent of their sins, we will be trapped in a world ever thing I can. You run into the caterpillar to pupa stage, if you can not stand to be on the to do, you do not have to be that. If we trap of Satan's deceptions and the network, and we even without knowing a man is supposed to do that we will ever live forever, and we are made in God's image is no rest is what you mean Te.

Please, if you get the truth, it frees us from the bondage of sin and death (John 8:32 NIV). If the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom: If we make it, Paul says. Announcement face, reflecting the glory of the Lord, and when we have the same picture of the glory from the glory; Spirit is: is the primary (17-18 HCS 2 Corinthians 3).

**Small flowers - beauty**
We do what we have done in the same way as the gentle beauty of the truth. We usually if you look at the good things, we can not respond to the statement, such as respect out and awe to help. Draw us Shalom beauty.

We want to be the Shalom peace or God, of.

However, the beauty can be dangerous. There is the experience of our beauty is distorted. We do not accept the word. We are not just trying to worship the Creator created. Although they knew God, they did not have shown him good and joy of the Lord. His thoughts are like, and those senseless heart was darkened. Claim wisdom, turns a fool, a mortal human, bird, a four-legged animal, the immortality of the exchange of the glory of God ... They are the truth of God for a lie of the image such as reptiles death, to worship, be blessed forever and that the Creator is an alternative although it has created. Amen (Romans 1: 21-25 NIV).

When sin entered the world, was broken Shalom. Sin lies the truth, brought the ugliness of the world, and the darkness. Life just becomes a living in sin, it is not enough for this. We need to restore this Shalom. When translated into Hebrew, Shalom "It represents a rich picture of the Bible." It is the deep, the most common language of peace. This "integration and truth, beauty, goodness and integrity of the flowers of life." Beauty "is to end the God of nature" -in truth and his goodness as a person (Cabal, Ted, "Is the beauty of the human eye" ED encourages research about the Bible Tennessee Nashville: Holman Bible book, 2007: 814).

Our Lord Jesus Christ of goodness, truth and beauty - the freedom and the flower of the day, if you feel to have been used by God, and give him glory.

And really, it is more than just a "life."

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