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Am proud to announce the new upcoming music video for "KABULBOYS" performed "BiaTu". in the last weekend we were so busy creating concept, Decoration, and idea for KBLBOYS music video. after a week working on the set we shot the video with Red MX @4K 2:1. the music video genre is comedy, fun, Joy....we wanted different video style for this project, Anosh Nikzad & Reshad Naheeb are the two member of "KABULBOYS" band, they did their best to make it more interesting. there are not comedian artist and music video in kabul, generally most director and artist don't like this genre. but am not the same. this is my hobby to create all kinds of Music video for artists. from Sci-fi to action, drama, romantic, animation, comedy....etc

My quote " Filmmakers! let's bring some difference in afghan music video & film industry."

Currently am working on post productions like editing, Color correcting and visual effects. that's enough work for one person, I have to finish everything from start to the end, that's a hard process but i get used to it & i found it a hobby of mine :)

DP and director: Jamil Yosufi

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