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God is very breed to make and smarten the ground for human beings. Kaghan valley is one of the most gorgeous position in Pakistan. A large figure of group go every year to see this vale. They stay the place and benefit from its scenic beauty. The valley is recognized after the name of a little town, Kaghan. It is the valley of Kunhar River which run in this area. The valley spreads beside the Kunhar Riverfrom an height of 2,134 metres to 4, 173 metres. It is 155 km extensive. This place is free from contamination. The valley present an comprehensive usual loveliness with its mount, hill, water, stream, water-falls and glaciers.

Kaghan valley is located in Mansehra Distt of KPK,Province of Pakistan.

  The climate in this valley is very cool and enjoyable from May to September. Winters are very chilly and freezing in this valley, so the travelers do not stay the valley through winters. Their way to Kaghan is through Balakot, Abbotabad and Mansehra. The road goes up and up the mountains zigzag through attractive tall trees.

Shogran is situated at two hours constrain from Balakot. Shogran is a small village enclosed by forests and crests of hill and mountains. The well-known Siri Payay mountain is also a attractive place worth seeing. The view is breath taking. Naran is another small village on the way to Kaghan. It is a three hour easy walk to lake Saif-ul-Muluk; the most worderful view in Kaghan valley. The lake is a beautiful spot for picnic and pleasure. Water of the lake excels blue and green since there is no pollution in any way.

Public come here from distant and extensive and wait at their leisure.Lake      Saif-ul-Muluk is named after a legendry prince. The lake is positioned at a stature of 3,000 metres from the sea level. In Kunhar Riverwe discover trout fish which is very delicious and nutritious. There is a great figure of restaurants, hotels and tourists resorts. In Persian words, they say that ; Listening ; and seeing can not at all be alike. Your and Our  visit to the Kaghan valley well stand the reality of the Persian Motto.



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