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 Of the past months we have all gone a little crazy for kale. These days it's the hottest vegetable on the scene and advertised as a super food with many healthy attributes.

 But I like a majority of the American public, I am not an expert on this dark and leafy green. But I've also been a part of this craze and see this vegetable thrown in scrumptious salads, juicy burgers, juices, chips, basically all forms of food.


So I decided to do a little research of my own into what exactly is very beneficial about this bitter super food. I was searching online and I found a great article in the Huffington Post that defined certain things we may not know about kale.

 One of the qualities that the article mentioned that kale is actually a 'fatty' food but just like in avocados, they are considered good fats not bad. Kale has healthy fats specifically omega-3 fatty acids that help us with brain health and reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.


Another fun fact is that kale actually has more calcium then a carton of milk per hundred grams serving. Also, one cup of chopped kale has more vitamin C than an orange, a fruit that we usually consider the king of vitamin C.

 But be wary according to the Environmental Working Group, kale is more likely grown using pesticides and herbicides, as it has gained more popularity over the past couple of months. So when you can, definitely choose organic kale so you know you're getting a clean leafy green.


So as you can see kale is indeed a great super food with an immense amount of vitamins vital for our brainpower as well as very tasty in all sorts of meals.

 Whenever you feel like incorporating some more kale into your diet, simply look up some quick recipes or go to your nearest health restaurant, they will surely have this tasty green in multiple recipes.

 So don't be shy with your daily dosage of this awesome dark leafy green as you can be sure, your body is getting what it truly deserves.


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