Kashmir Ties with Pakistan

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        Every aspect of Kashmir`s status pointed unmistakable towards one direction.Its union with Pakistan.Its overwhelmingly Muslim population,and its geographical affinity with Pakistan are reasons strong enough to link her with Pakistan.The plains of western Punjab gradually merge into hills at foot of Kashmir, and the Hamalayas at Northern end of Kashmir , forming a natural barrier render the Pakistani part of Punjab and Kashmir as a single naturally geographical division.The mainstay of Punjab, that by virtue of which it was known as the Granary of Asia, has been agriculture since time immemorial Pakistan share with Kashmir three of her main rivers.the Indus,the Chenab and Jhelum.They form the backbone of Pakistan`s agriculture,literally,the aqua vital.these rivers originate in the Hamalayan part of Kashmir and their valley course lie in Pakistan.The other main rivers of Pakistan, the Ravi and the Sutlaj pass through Indian territory before entering Pakistan, and the normal disadvantage suffered by Pakistan were further increased by Indian bellicosity and the diversion of these rivers by her own use. Pakistan dependence on the upper three rivers, the Indus,Chenab,and the Jhelum is therefore automatically enhanced manifold,and it become all the more necessary that she should have territorial control over the sources and hill courses of these rivers.The role of these three rivers in aligning Kashmir and Pakistan cannot be over stressed.While the ideological and political reasons for unity of Kashmir with Pakistan are very strong indeed the geographical reason are alleged with the existence of Pakistan itself.Enemy`s grip on the hill courses of three rivers can starve Pakistan.Further more the enemy would even be accorded luxury of choosing whether to flood out the people of low former Punjab or kill them of drought.
              It was, therefore,on strongly ideological,religious,political and geographical grounds, that the architects of a separate Muslim homeland should consider Kashmir as one of the pillars of the Muslim state of Pakistan; accordingly the "K" in the word Pakistan represents Kashmir,along with "P" from Punjab "A" from Assam Bengal, "S" for Sindh and also three letters from "Baluchistan" to represent the province of that name.
Insha Allah Kashmir will become the part of Pakistan.

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