Katrina Campins Tells Us About The Super Woman Epidemic

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Katrina Campins of Style Network’s “Hot Listings Miami” stopped by The Lab NYC to chat with Arthur Kade. Katrina says the reason she came back into television after being on “The Apprentice” was to inspire women and to show them that they can do it all.  Lisa talks about the dynamic of the show, having her Cuban mother and sister on the show, she says that her mother instilled a great deal of work ethic in her. Katrina speaks to Arthur about her journey from “The Apprentice” to Campins Company. She says she learned so much surviving in New York city that she knew after that, she could do anything. Katrina also talks about being a single powerful woman, saying she calls it the “Super Woman Epidemic”,  which is when women are so strong in every aspect of their lives but fail in their personal life. Katrina, only 17 years old when she flipped her first house, said that experiencing the highs and lows of the business has taught her so much. Katrina also speaks about her relationship with her ex husband, who she also works with. She tells us that they are happily divorced and that the two have taught each other a lot. Katrina says that the hardest part was deciding to get a divorce but without that, their relationship would not have evolved into what it should be. Katrina says that television is a platform for her to be able to give back and she wants young women to help empower each other. Checkout “Hot Listings Miami” on The  Style Network, Tuesdays at 10PM EDT.

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