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Do you know that Engineers change speed to keep up with technology?

 We all have different tastes when it comes to choosing and buying a car.  One thing that we all search for more and more is comfort and practicality.

 With the constant increase in the number of gadgets we own and use, we need a convenient place for them in our vehicles.



That is exactly what Wall Street Journal’s Christina Rogers sought after when she looked into the why’s behind motor-vehicle designs, specifically the perfect spot for a handbag, cellphone or laptop.

 Chris Shinouskis, engineer for the General Motors Co. stated, “We realize there does need to be a solution out there and there isn’t really a good one”.

 We have a constant growing number of expensive gadgets growing on our person from smartphones, tablets, and laptops to e-readers and iPods; however, we have the same amount of space within a vehicle.


So, engineers such as Shinouskis have to get clever with the dilemma, placing slights beneath the glove compartment, tiny slots for smartphones near cup holder, etc..

 Motor vehicle engineers truly battle an interesting dilemma; they want to appeal to the consumers desire that gets extremely excited at the site of a pop-out compartment in their vehicle but, they are battling with time.

The speed of technology in the modern world exceeds the amount of time necessary to make the required adjustments.

“It can take up to four years to develop or completely redesign a model, while the technology world moves much faster. By contrast, Apple Inc. offered four generations of its iPad tablet, plus a Mini version, in less than three years,” Roger wrote.

Technology consistently moves at a faster pace thus, consumer demands are moving at the same speed thus, the rest of the world is incessantly playing catch-up.

 Are we getting too spoiled with all of the new gadgets available to speed up our lives and eliminate extra tasks in our daily existence?

 That is definitely for you to decide; some say technology is our future and we must keep up or else we will fall behind while others say, it’s too much, and we call those old timers.

 Nonetheless, engineers of motor-vehicle companies continue trying to keep up with the vastly changing consumer habits due to our vastly growing mega-gadget lifestyles.


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