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Entrepreneurship is a long and difficult word to spell, is this the reason why people find it so frighting?
Every person has an idea, a dream, a project in mind. A concept can be simply presented on a 300 words blog like this and reach million of people, potential clients, investors and suppliers. 300 words, takes maximum 30 minutes to write, its well worth the effort!

Hint: the skeleton of the blog should be a series of keywords (in bold) that narrows the concept into a very precise target on Internet search and influence your business development. Doing so, you will reach that specific group of very focused viewers looking for those specific words.

The question is: “who comes first, the chicken or the egg?” In reality they come together.
Hint: sit down, explain your friends your idea, ask them to create a list of keywords that resemble what they hear and search it on Internet, this will allow you to understand what your idea sound to your friends and how searchable it is at this stage of the concept. This learning process will allow you to narrow down further and further the concept and become the leader in that market. Please search: “Italian Online Distribution Judo” and you will see what I mean.

There are two sets of keywords we am working hard to conquer and where we need your effort and support:
Building schools in Afghanistan
Veteran business opportunities

I hope you can join us.

Francesco Rulli

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