*Kids time * “Umar sleep on the sand”

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*Kids time * “Umar sleep on the sand”

When I was a little kid, I fell in love with Umar Ibn Al Khahab (may God be pleased with him). I did not know then why I love him that much. I would listen to stories about him for hours without a blink of an eye. He was my childhood’s Hero. His stories attracted me like no one else. He is the strong, the kind and he is the “FAROUK”. That is why I wanted to share this lovely story with all the kids and the adults too.

The mighty king of Persians sent a messenger to Khaliph Umar Ibn Al Khahab (may God be pleased with him). When the messenger arrived in Medina he surprised not to find the Khaliph living in a splendid palace, like the palaces of the rulers of Persia and other countries. He asked where Umar lived and was told that it was in a house just like any other house. The messenger went to the house and found the Khaiph of the Arabs lying outside in the sun on hot sand, with his shield as a pillow.

The messenger was amazed at the sight and said to himself “how wonderful that the man, who is feared by all kings, should behave in this way! Umar, you acted justly, so you feel safe and have gone to sleep; while our king acts wrongly, so of course he is frightened and can’t sleep.”

That is way I love him 'Umar Ibn Al Khahab'  (may God be pleased with him). And I hope we all be able to see him in heaven. God Willing!

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Mariam Lotfy

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Mariam is a clinical pharmacist, she was born on 23rd of October 1987 in Egypt.she was graduated from faculty of pharmacy,Cairo University,Egypt year 2009,and she love writing

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