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King of the Internet - Google


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Google the name and story:

The infrastructure of Google was built by an American “Larry Page” and Russian "Sergey Brin". They were students of PhD in Stanford University, California. In Jan, 1996 they made a “Web Search Engine” regarding to their own PhD project and named it “Back Rub”. They run “Back rub” on the servers of Stanford University for more than one year and afterwards it was transferred to “”. On Sep, 15th 1997, The first fund which was given to Google is of one million dollar by the co-founder of “Sun Micro systems” Andy. After that on Sep, 8th 1998 Google was legally registered in California.


Googol to Google:

Google (Google) name was based on the word Googol.Term Googol use for very large number. Larry and Sergey decided to go with name googol and soon after they came to know that the company name googol was already registered Larry said to sergey "Crazy! You have to spell it wrong because no matter have already registered and we can not get it, is the best. "


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Google-The King Of Internet:

As the Internet became more content in the world, I find it easier and better content was increasing trend. Today is the time when the Internet is being used more and if we removed search engine facility from, it will become helpless. Google is known for its search engine . When Google entered the fray, then search engines of Yahoo and MSN (Microsoft Network) had been on the Internet. Google came in and then went out ahead of the others. Today, Internet users have been involved in the life of Google and it seems incomplete without the Internet. Now, the process of finding people on the Internet are also said Google.And then, several cartoons and jokes that have been made related to Google. For example, the husband tells his wife that our son has lost, the husband responds that they do not worry, just do a search on Google. According to a survey of Internet users who have a large number of you think Google is the Internet. Although Google is not the Internet, but it will not be wrong to say that Google is the king of the Internet.



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Do not be evil (Slogan Of Google):

"Do not be evil" Google's informal motto. Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. The existing employs are known as "Google plks". It is not like traditional offices and facilities were the employees have considerable freedom. Here's a variety of free food, exercise gym, musical instruments, video games and such facilities. Google plks office seems less office and and playing area more. It is not required for employees as they sit in formal way, they can sit as they feel comfortable. Google employees are known as "guglrz". The newly recruited employees are known as "nuglrz"  and on the first day of job they need to wear a hat in the traditional colors of Google is like the wings of a helicopter are at the top. I like this hat "rotating wings hat" called Propeller Beanie. Google has launched a number of unique workers.

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Google's Source of Income:

However, a web search engine Google began in 1998 as a small search engine in the beginning the using the idea of  "". The idea of ​​"selling search terms was "the sale of these materials", which users enter into search engines to find. If you consider a few relevant ads in the search results usually (Related Ads) are. In the beginning they were the source of advertising revenue for Google. Although they manages to arrange several other sources for generating revenue, but still ads are Google's main source of Google's income.


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Google-The Brand:

Big fish swallow the little fish in the sea are, something has been happening in the internet. Typically, large companies are trying to buy small companies and some have been bought up. Google also did something and bought several companies. Which are remarkable. in Feb 2003 Google bought blogging supported website called "",In July 2004 bought Photo related "Picasa", in October 2004 Earth Wave software called making "the hole", in 2005 smart phone operating system called "Android" and in October 2006 the famous "YouTube" bought. Google to buy nearly 145 companies or their products have been integrated within itself. Nowadays search engines after Google's most popular services are the same, which was bought by Google in any era. Although Google is the king of the Internet, but in terms of social networks, despite efforts million other companies such as Facebook and twitter, etc.


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Google And Its Services:

Google does not just collect information on a variety of users. which website user opens and find what is most on. Google collect the information that gives legitimacy to guide our customers is to provide better service. 

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Google's famous Services Overview:

In the start Google started as a Search engine but now Google is providing wide range of services to their customers.Today, search engines are considering as  the most popular service, which was bought by Google in any era.


Search Engine:

The first and most important feature of Google is Google's search engine. With the passage of time it gets better, and now the process of searching is possible in several languages. for common searching Google is on top of the list. here you can search videos, blog, images and much more stuff..


Google Search Engine:

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How Does Google Search Engine Works?

Watch Video:


Google Chrome:

like Internet Explorer and Firefox, Google Chrome is also a Web browser that has been provided to customers in September 2008. According to an estimate Google Chrome is the most used browsers in the world than the rest of the others.


Google's Official Google Chrome Logo:

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Introduction To Google Chrome:


It is possible to send and receive e-mail that was introduced in April 2004. Gmail became very famous because of Unique facilities and more space in the mailbox,. Gmail also providing a number of free facilities to their which are unable to free by its competitors.


Google's Official G.mail Logo:

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How to use G.mail and G.mail features to organize your life



Google Plus:

In January 2004, Google introduced a social networking site Orkut. it was known in the start , but it did not get much popularity. Google Buzz launched in February 2010, which was closed in December 2011. Meanwhile, in June 2011, Google introduced Google Plus social networking website. In the beginning, there were considerably more user left Facebook, but soon returned. 


Google's Official Google+ Logo:

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 What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?

Google Talk / Hang Out :

Google Talk was launched in August 2005. It is a chat messenger. In May 2012, when Google introduced Google Talk facility Hang Out merged into it. Google hang-out is the audio and video chat. More than ten people can connect at a time through the video conference.


Google's Official Google talk Logo:

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 How to Use Google Hangout | The Google Voice and Video Chat Tool:


Google Translate:

It's a languages translation facility. Which was launched in April 2006. The two languages were at the start, but now we can translate nearly 81 languages including Urdu, But Urdu translation is not upto the standard.


Google Translator:


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Youtube is the famous video sharing website. Launched In February, 2005, it was bought by Google in October 2006.


Official Youtube Logo:

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Picasa Web Album:

Picasa Launched in 2002, in 2004 it bought by Google. Picasa website is known for Web photos, layout and style of photos.

Google's Official Picasa Logo:

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 Introduction to Google Picasa


Google Earth / Maps:

The CIA funded company the "Key hole" Invented a software "Earth Viewer" Google in October 2004 bought another company related to the geography of the earth. Google Maps began in February 2005 and in June 2005 amendments to the Earth it to Weaver and named it to "Google Earth". here we can view variety of maps and satellite.


Google Earth

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 The Most Strange Places in the World - Captured on Google Earth



Google Docs / Drive:

Its Started in August 2005, bought by Google in October 2006 introduced Google Docs. This is a system which can be developed through different documents (web-based Documents).  Google Drive is like a computer hard drive. It could access online from anywhere through via the Internet.

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 Introducing a new Google Docs


Blogger / Blog spot:

"" blog is a free service which was launched in August 1999. In February 2003, Google bought it. The blogger and blogspot are two names for the same service. Official Logo


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AdWords and AdSense:

Edwards takes the Google ads and AdSense gives ads to various websites . AdSense is very popular at the time and many website owners earned in millions due to adsense. AdSense was bought by Google in 2003.


Google's Official Adsense Logo:


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 Google AdSense



Webmaster Tools:

This facility is for website owners. through this they can scanned the condition of the website. Like Which page of the Web site are not the Google search engine, what is in the page title how many pages are in the Google search engine, etc. Through this new page of the website or search engine registration can be made. 


Google's Official Webmamster tools Logo:

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 Google Webmasters

Google Analytics:

It also has an option for website owners. Through this website traffic monitoring is possible, like how many people in a day or in a certain period saw the website, which Page got more Views, analytics Urchin Software was launched by Google in November 2005.


Google's Official Analytics Logo:

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Google Analytics for Agencies



Besides Google's many products and facilities. Presents a brief overview of a few services. Many more Google's services are free, The famous open-source smartphone operating system "Android" is also a google's branch, which he bought in August 2005.



Google's Official Android Logo:


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GOOGLE which is started as a Web search engine,

but today Google is a multinational corporation.

It provide us all relevant facilities related to internet.

on Net my first friend is "Google"

No doubt about it,

that today Google has become an important requirement for the Walloon.

Search on "Google" to be likened to thorns with the roses would not be wrong to say.

Google has become necessary to use the Internet to spy out the user condemnable act.


Thank You!




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