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Hello everyone! I am back with another movie review. Actually, I know I had mentioned before that I will be sharing more movie reviews but after receiving three stars from Miss Hillary, I had a heavy heart with writing reviews. Perhaps, I am not just good with explaining my emotions in terms of words about a certain film. I got lost with adjectives and I tend to keep on repeating and repeating certain terms. I hope I won't do the same on this entry.


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So last Friday, well before Friday, my husband James had informed me that their company's quarterly movie night activity was happening again. They usually vote for whichever film they would like to watch and this time, Kingsman won the hearts of the majority.

Since our plan to go home to Bohol was cancelled due to the weather conditions, I decided to go with the movie night. I had no idea what to expect on this movie. So let's learn what its all about.


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The movie started with action, Eggsy and Charlie fighting on a high tech taxi cab. Eggsy was not killed but got hacked by the robot arm left at the taxi cab. This caused massive destruction as all the headquarters of the Kingsman Spy agency which resulted to sparing only three of the agents: Eggsy, Merlin and Harry (they didn't know he was alive).

Their protocol lead them to Kentucky where they found out about Statesman, another secret organization. They also found Harry who had an amnesia after being shot in the eye during the previous sequel. They however managed to bring back his memory by using a dog.


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Then they found the suspects who blown their headquarters - The Golden Circle. Poppy, the head of the Golden Circle who is away in a forest in Cambodia where she has robots which protect her and does whatever she tells to do so. She is actually a psychopath who know nothing but to produce drugs and money so she can control the people around her, she even abducted Elton John.


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Poppy had somehow managed to add a certain toxin on every single drug she produces which causes the users to develop blue rashes. She televised her announcement of the so called blue rash syndrome which results to mania, paralysis, and death if not cured but she also introduced the antidote which she will only release if the President of the United States will stop their war on drugs and eventually give her business immunity, legalizing drugs in the entire America.

The Kingsman agents together with Stateman's Whiskey managed to trace Charlie's ex-girlfriend Clara Von Gluckfberg as a member of the circle and found the factory of where the antidote were manufactured but they failed to bring back the sample antidote.


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Back in the Stateman's headquarters, Eggsy found out that his girlfriend was also affected by the blue rash. This made him more focused with bringing the antidote out to the victims so they went to Cambodia where Poppy is located.


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Eggsy however stepped on a landmine but was replaced by Merlin who sacrificed his life but also bringing with him with the explosion Poppy's guard men. Eggsy and Harry succeeded with the release of the antidote after multiple action scenes, even fighting off Agent Whiskey who don't want to release the antidote due to personal reasons.

The movie ended with Eggsy marrying his royal girlfriend.



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Well, I personally thought this is a war inspired set up kind of movie. I know such term as Kingsman actually means a British Army rank. I am not a movie person and the only moment my husband and I get to watch the theaters are those times when their company treats them with free movie passes.

I only knew that this was a sequel of the previous movie Kingsman: The Secret Service which I have not watched it. Perhaps I should do so that I could link the relationship between the two movies.

Points of the Movie

I have listed here below the things that are relevant to the movie to the real world:

1. Anyone can be a drug user.


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In our world today, drugs are all around. Everyone can be a victim of this bad substance. It is always good to be alert and know what you are going into.

There are those who use it because they had been hurt. Those who are just testing it for medical reasons, there are also those who had been badly influenced by the community surrounding them.

In the movie, the blue rash was made so one can determine that this person is using drugs. Come to think of it, if this happens in the real world, what would you feel when you see your colleague who was a good man to you having those blue rashes, would you feel bad about him or you feel pity instead?

2. There's always a chance to change.

Although it was not emphasized in the movie, I definitely believe that if that same case happens in the real world, those users who had been given the chance to change will surely do so given the circumstances and given what will happen in the future. In the movie, it was shown that once a person gets into drugs, they'll get blue rashes, in fact it went trending on social media! Then just after a few days, it will turn one into a dancing zombie, it has the dancing effect as one can't control their body motors anymore. Then it'll turn one to a mannequin, they won't be able to move anymore, not even blink their eyes and lastly, they'll die, blood starts getting out of the eyes, nose and eventually kill the victim.

Seeing these effects will definitely for sure change the perspective of a person who intends to get into this vice. You'll think twice before getting into this addictive substance and for sure you don't want that to happen to you. Of course no one wants to die.

3. There are people who care.


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As the movie focuses on the Kingsman underground spy group which has the mission of fighting the evil and saving the world, it is true to this day that there are people who cares. There are groups which has the will power to help the victims of this drug trade. The victims who are willing to be helped don't need to travel far, the help is just right next to them.

The British Kingsman together with the US Stateman agencies had merged to be at help to those who are planning to destroy the future of the world. This is also the same with our situation today, there's the government and private sectors who are ready to help.

4. Drugs won't do any good to you.


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May it be a business or you become the user yourself, drugs won't do any good to you. There are people who do drugs just so they could feel good at a certain time but that would lead them to destruction in the long run so it is way better to just keep yourself out of it.

The business trade as well of drugs has been an ongoing issue, it is a multi billion dollar business that any greedy person would like to get into but realize that it is not bringing something good to the table. It is destructive and would eventually ask for something in return, it would even ask for your life.

How did I find the movie?

I was glad that this movie was a comedy but it has more to offer than just funny scenes. It has showcased most of the time action, then there was also drama at some point then there's technology on top of it and I definitely found it entertaining.


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Plus Channing Tatum was part of the cast but unfortunately, he has little screen time than I expected it but I believe he's going to be in the next sequel as the last scene showed he was already part of the Kingsman, wearing what the usual Kingsman.

Some times, when I get to watch a not so entertaining movie, I get to sleep in the theaters, sorry to say this one of the movies that I went asleep was the Air Bender. I can't recall any single scene though and you know how noisy the music gets inside the sound concealed room yet I was actually enjoying my sleep.

So, I guess it is just fair to say that I enjoyed it a lot and I highly recommend everyone to watch it too.

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"Manners. Maketh. Man."

- Agent Whiskey / Oberyn Martell of GOT

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