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I was passing by a local market near my neighborhood and I usually see a bunch of different colored Eucalyptus flowers bunched in big buckets of cool water for them to sip on, and the scent is oh so heavenly.

 I had never really given this plant much thought besides buying it occasionally to overwhelm my home with its gorgeous scent. It is sort of like a natural or rather organic air freshener without all of the harsh chemicals and unpronounceable additives found in a regular can of Febreeze, Glade or whichever brand you may normally use. 


So after really looking into the background of this beautiful and unique plant in comparison to most, I found some interesting little details. It is a diverse genus of flowering trees and shrubs, with a very impressive variety with over 700 species!

 The Eucalyptus plant is native primarily to Australia, no wonder I’m obsessed with this plant, and other neighboring countries such as New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Because most species of the plant are not able to tolerate freezing temperatures or frost, they are primarily cultivated in tropical and temperate environments across the globe including in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, China and India.

  I also found that the eucalyptus plant is very useful for more than its beauty and wonderful scent. Many horticulturists found that eucalyptus oils from certain species can serve as a natural insecticide, or used for cleaning.

 Another great benefit is that the wood from eucalyptus trees grows very rapidly thus a viable source of wood. It can also be used to drain swamps because they suck a ton of water through their roots, reducing malaria in countries that are more prone to the vicious disease.


From my own personal experience, I know that people vary in opinion about the eucalyptus plant and its strong scent. Depending on your own personal opinion you can agree with me and admire this plant or despise its scent and ability to drain water. Nonetheless, eucalyptus can also be very effective when dry.

 So, if you have never seen this plant, I would definitely give it a shot; it will surely brighten up your home and leave your nose satisfied. 

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