Knowledge, Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy for Afghan Women in Afghanistan

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As we have a common expression that says knowledge is power” and with this expression we can have many explanation for knowledge. People who have knowledge, nowadays they can control the world in different sections, Like; scientists are inventing many new things for betterment of the technology and improvement of it, as well as they have a positive role in improvement of economic in a country


Today we are witness of development of Afghans in Different sections in Afghanistan specially women which is going to improve day by day in Digital Literacy and Sustainable Education because there is a company named Women’s Annex working in Afghanistan along with Film Annex, which these two Foundations are working together to make Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy for Afghan Women.


As per my information Film Annex and Women Annex Project have constructed ten Internet class rooms in different schools at Herat, Afghanistan. This Company has two Offices in Two different Provinces of Afghanistan “Kabul and Herat” which till now they were successful in building of ten Internet class rooms in Herat only, and now they are trying to start their work in Kabul as well. This Project is trying to extend its working places in other provinces of Afghanistan and they hope that to be successful in other places too. This Project is sponsoring Isteqlal Football Team at Kabul, which this team has two different Teams “Females and Males”

I am a girl and I have too many dreams regarding my educations and my future. If I be an educated girl; that is absolutely clear that I will be able to help my family and my country and I can reach to my dreams which every time I used to see. Today I am really happy that I am witness of great improvements in Afghanistan especially of Afghan women in Digital Literacy and Sustainable Education which provided by Film Annex and Women’s Annex. Now for me it is a great pleasure that I am working with Women’s Annex in Kabul, which I am able to help other Afghan women in education ways through Social Media. And I am thankingsc Franceo Rulli the Founder and President of Film Annex as well as Roya Mahboob the founder of Women’s Annex foundation in Afghanistan for their Efforts and hard workings.

By: Nahid Bikaraan   

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Nahid Bikaraan is an adolescent Afghan girl who recently has found a new working place in Kabul. She is a typical afghan girl who is graduated from high school and was seeking to show her talent. She hates to stay home as most of afghan girls have to do, and…

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