Kofi Annan Optimistic, But Too Patient?

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"...first objective is for all of us to try and stop the violence, the human rights abuses and the killings and get an unimpeded access for humanitarian assistance to the needy and of course the al-important issue of a political process that will lead to a democratic Syria fulfilling the aspirations of the Syrian people," Kofi Annan offered after his report to the UN Security Council earlier today (March 16, 2012). "In my discussions with the Security Council this afternoon, I was encouraged by the very strong support and the determination of the Council to work together. I know some of you are smiling:(Speaking toward Reporters at UN in Geneva). There have been some differences but that is also normal, and I hope pretty soon you will be hearing one voice from the Council. I discussed with the Council proposals I made to the Syrian government that [were] aimed to: one, stop the violence; accelerate humanitarian assistance and establish credibility and confidence for the political process when it is initiated." Kofi Annan Sending Team Back To Damascus for More Talks: I will be sending in a team this weekend to pursue the discussions and the proposals we left on the table, and at the appropriate time, when I deem sufficient progress has been made, I shall be prepared to go back to the region. Answers Questions on Assad Delays: Q: "You announced that you received some answers from the Syrian regime about your proposals. Today, when you talked with the Security Council, did you tell them that you received all the answers that you expect or are there still some answers you did not receive?" Annan: "I told the Security Council we were talking with the Syrians and the talking continues." Q: "How much time are you going to give Mr. Assad to answer? The opposition believes that he is buying time to finish with the opposition." Annan: "Time is always an issue in negotiations and of course each crisis or each situation has its own specificities. What is important is for us to engage and make sure the other side are engaging seriously, and to ensure that you are moving ahead and making progress. And as long as you believe that the discussions and the talks that you are having are meaningful, I think you should continue. If you come to the conclusion or make the judgment that it is a waste of time, or one side is playing for time, you draw the consequences and take appropriate action." I'm not as optimistic as "Special Joint Envoy" Annan, but besides perhaps the Assad Regime, the P5 (Big-Powers) and others may need the veneer of his mission to provide appearance of doing something. A UNSC Resolution is possible, but I'm not confident that it alters the fundamentals. See Our Previous Blog for Video - "Institutionalizing Syria Conflict - ala Bosnia" See more at our Popular Video Blogs & Current News Event Articles at diplomaticallyincorrect.org/c/war-crimes-justice By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey – Follow @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook = Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect” Twitter – Follow us at DiplomaticallyX

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