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Lately, rare tv program devoted to children. Because most TV programs for adults, such as soap operas featuring love and dating, gossip about the world of entertainment, etc. Such programs would affect children's growth both in mindset and behavior.

In a blog post this time, I will explain about the children's TV program called La Academia Junior Indonesia. This show is a singing talent show broadcast by SCTV. This event is an adaptation of La Academia Mexico. Although many pros and cons to mention that this event is a plagiarism of a similar program Idola Cilik which aired on RCTI and used to be very popular.

I often saw my sister enjoy this show every day of the week. As I see it, the show is good enough for the age of the children. This show gives joy and humor when saw children singing on stage and interact with the audience.

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ABOUT La Academia Junior Indonesia

After the success of La Academia Junior Indonesia's first season in 2014, has now entered another SCTV La Academia Junior Indonesia second season in 2015. The difference between the first season and the second season is the assessment system. In the second season, participants who pass the audition will be directly selected in the INBOX event (music program SCTV) every Saturday and Sunday.

La Academia Junior Indonesia's HOST

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In the first season, the show is hosted by Irfan Hakim, Alifa, Rina Nose, Ruben Onsu, and the second season is only two people who will be the host namely Irfan Hakim and Andhika Pratama. For Indonesian the two of them is one of the presenters that are quite popular and often performed together. They can distinguish a joke for joke kids and adults, so this show is safe for children.

La Academia Junior Indonesia's JURY

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The jury in the first season was Ira Maya Sopha, Rizna Nyctagina, Anji, Dewi Gita, and Rian Ekky Pradipta. They are quite competent in judging this show based on their respective fields, such as in the case of singing technique, vocal and choreography. Especially Ira Maya Sopha or commonly called Mama Ira, she is a senior singer and a judge on Idola Cilik. In the second season they were replaced by Melly Goeslaw, Anji, Nassar, Rina Nose, and Ramzi. As in the first season, they are also quite competent in the field of judging. Especially Melly Goeslaw, she was one diva in Indonesia and is a talented composer. Her music is always in demand and popular among teenagers.

La Academia Junior Indonesia 2014's WINNERS

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Winner of La Academia Junior Indonesia's first season in 2014 was Kirana of Purwakarta that was in the first place and Muti of Bandung in second place.

In the grand final, Kirana sing:
"Diam Tanpa Kata" feat. Rian Ekky Pradipta
"Tak Pernah Padam & Anak Jalanan" feat. Sandhy Sondoro
"Takkan Terganti" feat. Marcell
"Jadi Matahari" (Kirana Putri Anandita)
Theme Song La Academia Junior Indonesia

While Muti sing:
"Kejora" (Lesti Andryani)
"Pergi Pagi Pulang Pagi" feat Armada
"Cuma Kamu & Hello Dangdut" Feat Rita Sugiarto
"Seroja" feat. Iis Dahlia
Theme Song La Academia Junior Indonesia

La Academia Junior Indonesia's AWARD

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La Academia Junior Indonesia's first season in 2014 to be nominated in the awards Panasonic Gobel Awards 2015 in the category of Children and Animations, although it did not win, but it has been proven that this show was a successful and favored many viewers.

La Academia Junior Indonesia 2015

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La Academia Junior Indonesia's second season in 2015 held auditions in 5 major cities throughout Indonesia. Starting from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Jakarta and Bandung. Although only opened in five cities but enthusiasts of the children is very big. From the audition will select 20 participants, and will be divided into two groups, Group A and B, each consisting of 10 children.

Now La Academia Junior Indonesia 2015 has entered the second season round of 11 large consisting of: Amel, Beautiful, Devita, Dhirga, ENCA, Joshua, Khanza, Rai, Rizi, Ruri, and Wawa. On 4 October, Petra from Solo to be eliminated by singing the song Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya, leaving 11 children.

Who is your favorite contestants?
Watch La Academia Junior Indonesia's second season SCTV every Sunday at 12:30 pm.


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