Lack of education in Afghanistan

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As we all know,education is the key point in any developmental ladder of any country.With out education,it is very difficult to grasp and taste the benefits of all technological,health,social,economical and political implications.Afghanistan is a country that has been given less education for a long period of time.Even though some changes were there after 1950's like the construction of primary and secondary schools,the growth was very slow.After Taliban come to power,some new construction of schools were seen but Taliban has invested a little in the education sector and the awareness of the society in terms of learning the modern education was very small.Religious impacts in the formal education was very high that all the educational policies were mixed up which is always limited by the religion.The lack of basic education in the country were alarmingly high that most families didn't know and care the formal education influence.I can't blame them because of so many reasons.The first one is that Taliban has only concentrated in the development of its political agenda and cares nothing about the use of education and the distribution level.After the fall of Taliban,the democratic government that was elected by the society has tried to solve the deep rooted educational problem of the country by drafting new educational curriculum.However,initially it was very hard to achieve the drafted curriculum due to various reasons.As it is known,the government was trying to take all things to the right side that Taliban had previously contaminated the whole Afghan in all aspects of the basic developmental goals so that the budget was donated from the external sources and the UN which was limited.After a while,the government with the collaboration of NGO's has built primary and secondary educations and the access of learning was at some extent widened so that many Afghan kids have got the chance to learn the basic education. Nevertheless,the main problem is still there and hundred thousands of Afghan citizens are in the hunger of pure education so that NGO's and the UN should made something real that can override and solve the lack of schools by building thousands of schools

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