Lack of education in Afghanistan

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One of the huge challenges Afghan people tackle with is lack of education. Now, more than 60 percent of Afghan people are illiterated. Since the last ten years that hundreds of schools are built in Afghanistan, people have faced to schools and the illiteracy rate decreases day by day.

    Every 3 or 6 month that international organizations are reporting their recent statistics about illiteracy in Afghanistan, it shows a remarkable decrease in number of Afghan illiterate people.

The problems that people face because of lack of education are as follow:

  1. They still believe in idle talks and old null and void traditions.
  2. They live in a way that their ancestors have told them. For example, not to permit their daughters to go to schools.
  3. They are the followers of those who have always thought about their self-interests.

Thus, Afghan government and International community led by the United States of America invest help decrease illiteracy in Afghanistan.  

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