Lack of Education in Afghanistan

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Afghan people have experienced 30 years of Civil wars in Afghanistan. Therefor, lack of education is a great challenge for people of Afghanistan. Afghan government along with the International Community tries to build it again.

     Afghan education improves rapidly. Schools, literary courses, Universities, and seminaries are being held in Afghanistan to educate Afghan people.

Afghan people are interested in having education. They have caught that the only way to improve Afghanistan is to have higher level of education.

     A great reason of 30 years of civil wars, and non-development of Afghanistan is the lack of education. Some neighboring countries, such as Iran and Pakistan misused from the lack of education of Afghan people. they Armed Afghan people to fight with themselves for nothing.

    New generation of people in Afghanistan are trying not to experience those black days again. They are only looking after education in order to develop their country.

Today different international organizations are providing facilities for afghan students to they learn more about the new technologies in the world. Film Annex is one of those companies in the New York that help Afghan students in Afghanistan with collaborating of Afghan Citadel Company.


Afghan people are happy that Afghan government by cooperation of international community are trying to eliminate illiteracy from Afghanistan. They increase the number of schools and Universities even in far-flung areas of Afghanistan yearly.

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I am Omar Nasir Mojaddidi, who has already graduated from Journalism Faculty of Herat University. Since I have got a deep interest in Journalism field, I established Zohal Radio Station about five years ago. Besides,I am the elected head Journalist's House in Herat Afghanistan.

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