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Very often , people spending decisions based on an erroneous understanding of money . They spend on what they believe are assets when in fact they are really liabilities .  When this happens , they lose two counts namely :


★   They incur a loss because they will not recover the same amount of money if and when they sell  items that they believe are assets .


★   They further incur a loss of opportunity . Money that is spent for a specific purpose is no longer available to be used for other purposes . 


This is  why it is important that you realize that every time you spend , you must have an idea of how much you are giving up by not investing that amount . This is particular true if what you spend for is not really all that necessary .


Ang perang nagastos na sa isang bagay ay perang hindi na pwedeng ilagak sa pamumuhunan na maaaring magbigay ng kita upang mapalago ang inyong pinansyal . Kaya napakahalaga na intindihin muna kung ang gastusin ay talagang kailangan . 

Kung opsyonal din lang naman , Huwag na muna gastusin , at ilagak na lang ito para sa inyong kinabukasang pinansyal . 









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