Lack of toilets puts women at risk of assault

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Is it safe for women in rural areas to go out in the dark for nature’s call? Without having toilets at home, the girls have no other options but to walk out at night. Do they feel secure enough?

The condition of life in the villages of India is pathetic. With no proper toilets, or latrines women have to do it outdoors. They usually have to walk a bit far off hiding in the wild bamboo fields to relieve themselves. This is very much general to the people dwelling in the countryside. Some villages do have public bathrooms, but many women avoid using them because they are usually in a state of disrepair and men often hanging around and harass the women.

The safety of girls is at stake in the rural areas because girls and the woman must go out into the field resulting in a more than 60% of the rapes happening in the state because they do not have toilets at their home.

The incident of the two teenage girls literally shocked the whole world as they were brutally gang rape, killed and their bodies hung round the tree. This incident should instigate us to fight for the cause. Government bodies’ and different NGOs need to come close and work to protect the safety of our sisters.


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