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Today i am very excited that i am going to write about a great lady .. She is famous worldwide, By the name of lady Diana. She died on 31 august 1997 at the age of 36 she left this world. After passing 17 years of her death she is  alive in the heart of people . Actually lady Diana belong to a royal family . Diana 's family and British royal family were friend from hundred year. That's why they thought marriage of Prince Charles and lady Diana make more strong their family relation strong. But no one knew that this relation will bring painful and termination situation.


. She married Prince Charles at 29 july , 1981 . This was huge and great ceremony look just like as fairy tale comes true. It was broadcast on all tv channels. Even this ceremony was seen by the world 's seven billion people. After marriage with prince Charles she become more adorable and requiring attention. She was most beautiful and charming. she was a beauty with golden heart, media always try to capture her activities. May be her popularity cause death .

One day on the road of Paris a dangerous car accident took the life out of lady Diana , she was dead at spot . It is being said, one photographer named papa Razi was following her. When she was going with a friend Dodi Fayed from a hotel. And driver wanted to escape from those photographers and it cause accident. She was not only popular because of royalty. She was good human being ,she helps poor and needy , she went in Africa to visit hospital and met with kids which was suffering diseases. That's why lady Diana always live in hearts

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