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The Lake-Dwellings were used by the people of Neolithic Age. Traces of these Dwellings were found in Switzerland in 1874. This type of Dwellings in also found in France, Italy, Scotland, Russia, North America and India.

In this age man was in danger of wild animals. Hence these houses were built on piles driven into the bottom of a lake. They were connected with land by bridges. At night the bridges were disconnected from land.

The floors of these houses were made of clay and the walls were made of wattle-work. The roofs were made of bark or straw. These houses were comfortable shelters.

From the remains, pictures and rock-carvings of those days we know the fallowing facts about them:

  1. Lake-dwellers ate wheat, millet, rye, barley, fruits and nuts.

  2. They knew the art of agriculture. They grew corn and ploughed fields with the help of oxen. Agriculture made life easy. They also grew flax.

  3. They knew building devices such as the ladder, the pulley, the lever, and the hinges.

  4. Lake-dwellers were skillful carpenters.

  5. They used wooden furniture, pitchers, spoons, pottery, dishes.

  6. They got fish from water near their houses.

  7. They used boats and carried on some kind of trade.

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