Lankathilaka Temple - Central Province Sri Lanka

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Lankathilaka Temple (Vihara)

Lankathilak Temple (Viharaya) is an Ancient Buddhist Temple Situated in Udunuwara District of Central Province (Kandy) Sri Lanka.

This was Built on 14th Century by King Bhuwanakabahu  4th.  This is built on Natural Rock, it was Initially was 4 storied and now only we can see 3 story on this.  most interestingly the Vihara roof was made by the Bricks with arch shaped on it presently you can see new newly build roof for protecting the building. inside you can see Arts on walls as well as on the ceiling and some Buddha Statues.

To Visit This Beautiful Temple When you Go from Colombo to Kandy from Pilimathalawa Junction you need to approximately 4-5 km on the Dawulagala Kandy Road. Picture are taken form my Mobile when i Visited this Beautiful Place.

Black & white Version

Paintings on the wall

Entrance View

This is The Stupa

Side View of the Temple

Wooden Door with Beautiful Carvings

Stone Inscription at Lankathilaka Temple

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