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Laptop is very useful in our life if we know the benefits of it, the benefits of laptop such as; we can type letter easily, we can watch some movies, we can listen to music every where, we can record our voice and many other benefits of it. it will give us ease to do our work in the office and at home. we can type some letters to our friends and tell that we are busy and we can not come to the meeting we just need to send e-mail to them, it is easy, isn't it?

when we feel bored at home, we can use it to watch or listen to some favorite musics that we like, so that we have to have laptop as soon as possible to make us more happy and one of the other benefits, we can earn money from our laptop by joining some business or follow the social media that can earn money like bitlanders, we can type some blogs, we can upload some photos and we can comment to someone's post.

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