Lathe Machine part 3

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I have written many blogs but I choose for the Lathe machine briefly discussion. In previous part 2 I have been told you about its major parts but here we will discuss more parts and I next blog you will read about its different operations and tools names and its functions. Now we are again starting its further parts.

Lathe machine has also these parts;

Compound Rest:

In compound rest is that where the tool post is mounted. It gives less feed rather than carriage. It gives us maximum accuracy. It function is that we can gives longitudinal feed slowly rather than full carriage. It works in Turning, Grooving, and Facing etc….

Cross slide:

Cross slide function is opposite to compound slide.

Gives us right angle rotation so that’s why we can get facing operation and many others… on this slide tool post is mounted. It gets movement by cross slide feed lever… cross slides can be moved by a single feed screw…it can be engaged or not engaged… in most lathes only one direction can be engaged…

Steady rest and Flowers:

Often long work pieces like gun barrels, vassals and shells etc are machined on lathe so due to their lengths theses parts can’t machine accurately. Due to this steady rest and follower are using….we can handle this extra length of parts by these extra tools which also called attachments. So cutting tool can be done accurately many operations by using this attachment.

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