Lathe Machine part 6

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Today mine 6th blog about lathe machine. In previous blogs I had told you about its basic principal, function, parts and also their details, well defined operation which can be done on it. Now we are talking about its different tools like drills, reamer, and boring tools etc…In previous blog I have tell you about just 3 tools which were that drill, boring and reamer tool. Today we will briefly discuss other tools…here we go..

Cutting Tools:

Tools which are mostly used in facing and turning operations are cutting tools…which have single point cutting edge…many of others also have multi point edges… this cutting tool made of hardened steel and properly designed…many angels are also drawn on this. All tools can be clamped on tool post for doing proper operations.

here is a single point cutting tool with its parts name.

here is also a single point cutting tool with its proper explanation.

Threading Tool:

Due to this tool we can made threads on cylindrical work part on lathe machine by automatic or manual feed rate which is suitable for the required operation.

Other tools are parting off, back side, side off tool, cutting off tools etc…

Three important things..

Now I want to tell you three important elements about lathe machine. In order to get efficient process and beautiful surface of work out there will be three things compulsory like Rotating Speed, cutting speed and sending speed. Here you go about their explanation.  

Rotating Speed:

It express about number of rotations of chuck and also processing speed. When the rotating speed is high, the processing speed will be quick and also work part surface fine and smooth. Mostly higher speed creates very serious incidents so at initial stage should be low rotating speed.  

Cutting Depth:

Cutting depth very important for known because if cutting depth higher then processing sped will be higher and work part surface will be smooth but the temperature of surface will be higher that has very bad effect on tools life…So, tools half life also depend on it.

Sending Speed:

Sending speed also has great effects on processing speed and roughness of the work part. When the sending speed is high then processing speed will be quick. Where’s when the sending speed low, there would be processing speed will be low but the surface of work part will be smooth and fine. Sending speed can be automatic or manual on our requirements.

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