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    Obviously if one of  us face with these two words , will imagin the picture of  a person in his or her mind that sits on a chair and does all the affairs of a small or big society, But It’s  not  just like what we think.

    These two familiar words are mixed with our complicated life and we can say which conclusion of every affair we do is deeply belong to these two words and if we omit these words from our daily tasks and our life planning whether those tasks are small or big, individual, team work or through all country then that task well be vain.

     Leader means who select the best task among all tasks and director is who does  the selected work well which as point priority leader is in the first step and director is in second.

     Leader is like an engineer who makes the structure of a building and the director is who accommodate that structure .Leader must has particular characteristics like , the leader have to imagine what wants to do before performing of that task so this cause that when he or she wants to do that affair practically then the risks level will be low cause he or she imaged what  wants to do and the director does this planning in a good condition.

     But if the director and leader is one person?

     We can say that leader and director are two personalities in a body but it’s accrued which because of the formalities in a office, leader and director are separated persons and tasks are divided between them.

      Leader and director could be in a body it’s mentionable that these are characteristics which every successful   person has it. Leader and director are complementary of each other which these are mandatory characteristics for a human.

     Every person could be good leader and director but in a condition which he or she grow the best characteristics of successful personalities .He or she can lead and direct his or her affair in it’s good condition.

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