Leaderboard Day 3

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I almost give up yesterday on maintaining my direct power ups. Because for 3 consecutive days, I need to buy more items in the shop just too maintain it due to expired items I had. I don't want to buy anymore because I want to cash out today,I will gain +2 when I receive it anyway. 

Blog review expired yesterday plus more Items =( Oh no! I can't buy items.   So I decided to stop buying now and just focus on increasing base buzz points. And I know some of our friends here can be more higher than me already.  But i remember that I only need to maintain my direct power ups to get more revenue than just letting it to go down.

So around 5 pm yesterday, I bought some items again to maintain my direct power ups. I did a last minute shopping so that It will still be counted before the daily reset.  Whew! That's why I'm nervous waiting for the reset because I thought It's not counted. But there it increased 1 point but my direct power ups is same from yesterday. I don't know how my base buzz point increased to 1 point too.

Now still at Rank number 4 in leaderboard. Thank you guys!!!!



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