League of Nations, new football competitions in Europe

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According to UEFA's decision “League of Nations " will be held in Europe since 2018 in odd years. This tournament is the third most important competition after the World Cup and UEFA national football teams in Europe.

UEFA Regional League Plan will be put to vote in Europe Annual Congress of Kazakhstan with the participation of 54 countries and a member institutions.

Gianni Ainfan tino predicts that the UEFA member nations will vote for the project and said the games expected to be played in global calendar days for friendly matches.

UEFA General Secretary about the importance of the tournament said there are some teams that everyone wants to play with them and there are other teams that are difficult to prepare for an opponent.


In this proposal, countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK will be categorized in the first category of Nations League. Each category will be divided into different groups and the leaders of each group will qualify for the semifinals and finals.

Champion of the lower classes of the Division may qualify to UEFA and the World Cups of Europe. According to the UEFA planning first round of the tournament will be played in2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and CD dedicated friendly matches.


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