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I started to make these videos when I came to know that there are many people in Pakistan who do not know how to write, read, understand or speak English. This was the sole reason that I started to work on it while a few of my friends helped me to video these lessons. These lessons will help you, if not to great extent then at least to an extent, to learn and speak English in your daily life. I have actually uploaded approximately 78 videos regarding how to speak English while care was taken to make it as simple as possible so that those who know English to an extent can imply these lessons in their activites.

English is a language that is spoken and understood internationally while within our country, it can help you a lot to achive good grades in English subject. Learning English is costly for those who can not afford to pay heavy fee as you know in Pakistan, it might cost you 5000 to 6000 per month to learn English and what they teach basically is grammar while you are getting it all free here. A friend of mine, at least, learnt something from these videos. He wanted to enter into an Army College's test and told me that he has difficulty in learning English and was afraid of getting failed in the entry exam. I gave him a link to my Bitlanders profile and asked him to watch all the videos from video 1 to the last. He started to prepare himself after learning a few basics of English grammar and speaking. When he got his result yesterday, he was very pleased with the outcome in English paper and thanked me a lot, but I told him thanking me is not enough, you need to send it further to those who want to learn. He promised to do that. He also told me that he consulted a teacher for teaching him and assisting him in learning English but the teacher told him he would charge 6000 PKR for one week while he was not so rich to pay that kind of fee on a weekly basis.

The purpose of uploading these videos was to help people like my friend who could not afford to pay for learning an important language that is now part and parcel of our lives. Therefore, I request all those brothers and sisters who want to learn English, at least go to my videos and learn something out of it. You will notice something different within months after practicing and I would be here to read your feedback. You can learn English at home, too, it is not a mystry! Just practice hard, learn by heart and you will be another success. I will upload more chapters with the passage of time. You must follow from chapter 1 till now and further when I will upload more lessons and chapters. This is surely going to help you, I am sure!

And now, I want to request Bitlanders to give me fair buzz on these videos since all of my videos have been accepted and published here. This is helping people who want to learn English, especially from non-English countries and those who can not afford to pay heavy fee. This will surely encourage me to do more good work (actually, what else good work can be than teaching others, honestly). Thank you!

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