learning And its place in the lives of humans

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In the first place, and place it among the people of different communities do review. General public or to increase pleasure or ornament in speech or to increase the power of the study will.This ornament is a part of speech that makes the audience to hear the speech, interest and led to his influence. Although many people have high levels of Zn and just talking to hear and read the reason several books and the theory of where analysis is.


The study, therefore, greatly increased the level of information and because it is crucial for social and academic problems , Although there are differences in the way a lot of people and everyone has realized the meaning of true .


Valve completely devoid of ideas but no experience and experimental data is not a state of perfection and sanctity of the categories a bit of depth content are guided by the content of real purpose, receive .The study can be found trimming new ideas. Emergence of the opinion that the person be removed from  endurance, it seems that we've been away from your subject .

The word hate this part seems to be decent. Since this population have high economic level and in terms of supply are Required information, and explored various aspects of nature are spacious.Examples of these types of people are looking to you to realize, however, this is not true at all But unlike people who are middle class and look at the books and knowledge to another view .


This attitude sometimes only because of economic needs, social needs, and sometimes it turns out Scientists and the wise use of the study, because knowledge is the key and these people believe that the study of life science .Means to get what you think .



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