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If there is one thing that I learned from my experiences about handling a relationship, that would be not giving too much of yourself to someone no matter how much you love that person. You must leave something for yourself to be able to pick yourself up in case the relationship traverses a thorny path.

When we love someone, we tend to forget about ourselves. It seems the world only revolves around your lover. You would like to give and do everything you can to the one you love because you believe it is just the right way to show your affection. In other words, you think of the other person's welfare first before yourself.

Sometimes we lose sight of ourselves because our eyes are focused on trying to satisfy the needs of our lover, to make him or her happy, and keep the relationship for good. However, lavishing someone with too much gifts and affections does not guarantee that our love will be reciprocated. Love is still a two-way street.

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That is why it is prudent not to love someone too much. We must have a good understanding of ourselves and only try to submit to the wishes of our lovers when they are in line with our likes and personality. I think it is better to love our self first before the other person.

These are just my realizations based on my experience. Love is a lot like a two-edged sword. You will be happy when the relationship goes well, but you will bleed when it goes wrong. What are your thoughts about this? Thanks for reading my story.

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