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Recently through an earlier blog I gave details of future Left of the Border Films collaborations that I will be releasing for a limited time exclusively on Film Annex (http://www.filmannex.com/posts/blog_show_post/left-of-the-border-films-collaboration-two/72034). I have just today (19/10/2013) received the soundtrack for ‘Left of the Border Films Collaboration Three’ from the talented David Corbett, and I will be uploading the finished piece and an accompanying blog post in the next week. ‘Left of the Border Films Collaboration Four’ is finished and will be released shortly after ‘Collaboration Three’ with a stunning soundtrack by The Wyrding Module. I also announced in the same previous blog post that I would be collaborating with my good friend and fellow Film Annexer Daniel Hopkins (http://www.filmannex.com/daniel-hopkins) to produce ‘Left of the Border Films Collaboration Five’.

This experimental short is still some way off completion, as I am still refining the motion graphics techniques I want to use for this. I’m also filming footage across Manchester of various abandoned structures that will feature prominently in ‘Left of the Border Films Collaboration Five’.

Speaking of which, please do check out some shots produced by the talented Sam Jones while on one of our urbex expeditions. You can view Sam’s shots, part of his ongoing '13 Places You Shouldn’t Be’ series, here - http://jonescophotography.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/13-places-you-shouldnt-be.html.

Back to ‘Collaboration Five’, I have produced a composition that is really the start of developing the production techniques for this experimental short. If you are reading this Dan, hopefully this will give you a clearer sense of the visual aesthetics I’m trying to create for ‘Left of the Border Films Collaboration Five’. I will be uploading the preview clip to Film Annex in the next few days so for now I have included a screen shot of the clip above.

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