Let's Not Forget Why Michael's Dream Is So Important.

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Let us not forget.
Sometimes we all wonder why our life's journey is not like we expected or wanted. The most important lesson we can learn is, it is not what we get out of it, but what we can give back, Michael spent decades giving back and teaching the world how to love one another, he did not boast or make public most of his charity giving because he gave from his heart. Michael Left us with an important message, Heal the world, Love the children, Love one another. Some years have passed and we have shed many tears, its time to keep working on Michael's humanitarian legacy, keep healing the world, keep loving the children and loving each other. Pay it forward with LOVE. We miss you Michael. Please get involved and help MDF with donations to send toys to the current countries we are working on. Donate Now Tab is above on the page banner picture. Because the shares on this post has been so overwhelmingly loving we thank you. The share will not have the DONATE TAB so please use this link otherwisehttp://michaelsdreamfoundation.org/index.php/home/item/152 
Thank you, the MDF team


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