Let's Talk About Work Productivity - How to be Productive at Work?

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Remember the blog I posted about the perfect working place for freelancers, at a cafe named Workplace? I had just recalled their productivity tips and I am sharing that with you today.

How to be Productive at Work?


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We all know that being a freelancer has its benefits as well as its corresponding negative sides, well everything in this world has good and bad effects though and so it is best for us to weigh out and consider how to work things out.

Just like freelancing, there's so much available work out there on the internet, you should have to look and work your butt on it to find which spot or site is best for you. However, there are indeed cases when although you found the right freelance job for you, you will still feel bored at times, some stressed, or perhaps others feel unproductive in this certain area or time. All of us definitely gets into that phase in our working lives.

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So, whether its freelancing or the normal eight to five job, we require certain activities which can encourage and stimulate us to become productive at work. Some inspiration may be needed and a little push on the reasons why you are working as such.

Here below are advises by Workplace Cafe of which I am applying in my personal home-based work and I am pretty sure you can also learn some from it. I am 100% certain of that!

Perform Day Starter Routine


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I have read a few bibliographies and research books about inspirational and successful men and women in history and what they have in common is their daily routine in terms of starting and ending their day.

Either they commence their day with a workout, jog, exercise, or with reading their book of inspiration, perhaps the Bible and meditate and pray, or just simply having a good breakfast. They start it with something that may consider as warmer to get their day going, means a lot.

So, it doesn't hurt if we as common individuals also copy what these successful people are doing to seize their day!

Make a To Do List and Prioritize


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Here's where the journaling and writing part comes really helpful. No wonder why those who write their goals and aims at a daily basis are mostly able to complete their tasks, even the tiniest ones.

There's a famous advise that goes, get the important things done first and leave those that are easier done during the downtimes because it has been experimented and studied that a person is more productive during the few hours of the day.

True enough, listing down the tasks, categorizing them as simple, average and hard ones would help in keeping that task list completed!

A Cup of Coffee May Help


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Whilst this may not be applicable to all, experts show that caffeine is a good source of energy boost for the human body. There may have been debates about it but true enough, the warm liquid, may it be dark, or with milk could kick those spirits up to get us going!

Coffee has become one of the top businesses too in this age. There are coffee shops everywhere, even the remote areas have coffee available now in their small eateries and convenience stores.

Don't forget to get that cup ready at your working table, sip it up to improve and increase productivity.

It's Okay to Take a Break!


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At Workplace, there's a huge sign hanged on one of the walls that state: "It's Okay to Take a Break!"

It is true that working straight is bad for the healthy, being stress with work happens when you forget to breathe, rest and take a break. Based on research, a few seconds break can make you 13% more productive than just continuously facing your computer monitor or whatever machine you use for work.


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There's a reason as well why each single company business provides break minutes for their employees. This isn't just for the welfare of the employees but overall, it is also helpful for the welfare of the company! Happy employees mean good company business!

To help ourselves take breaks, we can set up alarms on our mobile devices or make use of the computer timers to remind us to have some breaks, an example could be five minutes for every 50 minutes work. Just stand if your job is just sitting down or the other way around if you are a sales clerk, moving and stretching is one of the best ways to relieve stress which are building upon our shoulders and backs.

No to MultiTasking


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Talking about multitasking makes me think about my boss who often tells me that women are so good at multitasking and thus believes that I am also multitasking at work. I am avouch, I do that most of the time and with that, I have a realization that working so many things at once simultaneously is not a good idea.

Oftentimes, I wouldn't be able to finish a blog because I am also busy working for my part-time. Most of the time, I would be watching an online video while working or while blogging thus, my brain is being cut into two, my focus is not sharp and thus I am easily distracted.

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Which is why I am trying my best to do things one at a time now. When I blog, I would try to finish it before doing something else. In this way, I can post the blog without thinking of any other thing to open up or to do at the same time.

It has been proven that changing tasks often can lead to not finishing anything at all. It is more efficient and effective if one focuses on one task at a time. So, to all girls out there, wonder women, we are not so just focus on one assignment, do the next task once done with the first.

Develop Your Work System, Avoid Distractions


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Admit it or not, distractions are all over us, it may be our own environment, our family members, the weather, social media and so on. Distractions are called as such because they have one objective in mind - to distract.

That is why each individual who has goals and tasks listed for the day has to be mindful enough with time and be very discreet in terms of identifying that you are being distracted. Be careful with the surroundings, the enemy (distraction) is like a lion, just waiting for the right moment to devour you.

It is truly important to set up a working system, set timers, assess your tasks, set a specific time for social media and it shouldn't happen during working hours. Speaking of social media, someone has a unique way of shutting down the social media distraction. James Clear had a scheduled every Monday of writing and he is a social media influencer but he requires every Monday to be his writing day so he had assigned someone to change the password of his social media accounts every Monday so he won't be tempted to open them.

Set a Learning Time


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Being productive means not just about accomplishing something for yourself but also about setting up a time for your own learning. An investment that may help us with our knowledge about the world and about ourselves. Reading, painting, watching tutorials and anything that could provide knowledge, thoughts, and ideas is not a wasted time at all.

But it is important for us to set a scheduled time for it. When it is time to get out of the office, ensure to do it beyond those hours and although we won't be able to perfect that, having a learning time for ourselves at least 3/4 or 1/2 of our week still matters.

Plan for the Next Day


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Finally, when the day ends, it is a just right to plan and prepare for the next day. Let's assess ourselves, how's our productivity on this day? Are we doing good so far? Are there things that are blocking our way to progress?

Most importantly, having a good night sleep is a top priority. Without proper and enough rest, our brain and body won't be able to function well.

That's pretty it, just like any other home-based individual, there are times when distractions and our daily issues may come along the way but it is important to get ourselves back on track, productivity is important and it doesn't just come out naturally, we got to hustle, work for it and stay in focus.

P.S. I didn't open social media while writing this blog and that's a milestone for me!


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