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Chinese Group of developers successfully developed a latest way of gaining access to Internet. They experimented  the access of internet by sending signals through the light Bulb Instead of Radio waves as in  Wifi developer named it Lifi. People are well aware with wifi but not with LIFI. Frequency range of Wi-fi is 2.4 and 2.483 GHZ and operate on IEEE802. The bands is 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ.

For the first time when Harald has had first used TED Global talk on visible light communication than Lifi term was used in 2011.

Lifi Technology reaserach leader is I.T Professor Chi Nan

In Lifi Technology working under the principal of light used to carry signals. Lifi is alternative to wifithat is based on traditional radio frequencies. LIFI only works as long as there is no hurdle between the light and LIFi source and computer. Shanghai’s Fudan University I.T Professor Chi Nan who is the leader of Lifi research project. LIfi researcher’s team also includes scientists of Chinese Academy of Sciences from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics. According to their research that one watt LED bulb may connect four electronic devices with internet at once through lifi system. Lifi LED light bulb has built-in microchips can produce data rate as fast as 150Mbps. I.T Professor Chi Nan said that LIfi wireless tool for signal transmission is expensive and not more reliable.

According to chi Nan millions o base stations are required to strengthen the signals of cell phones and having cooling system is required to maintain the system. According to a latest survey two thirds of total world population has no internet access. Especially in Pakistan china and India most of the population is no proper access to fast internet. Now a dream is going to come true when you can use internet just Turing on your light LED bulb. Your LED light bulb will transmit internet signals in your room through LIFI technology.

Lifi technology was only tested for experimental purposes but still there need a long period to introduce lifi for commercial use. But the Chinese experts are trying to introduce Lifi for commercial purposes

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