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LibertaGia Mondial is a technology company working internationally which main goal is to develop apps that will solve common problems in people’s lifes. We want to integrate the necessary technology for everyone to perform professional, personal and social activities just in one place. We call this utility!

Social Responsability

We support sustainable projects that aim to solve social problems such as poverty, social inequality and lack of opportunities. We believe that the success of our business will be measured by the amount of lives we can transform. We call this prosperity!

Business Plan

We chose a multi-level marketing system to distribute our products. This system allows us to distribute to our affiliates profits originated from product sales or new sellers recruitment. We call it freedom!

Our Mission

To create Internet solutions that solve everyday problems. To develop actions and socially sustainable projects by creating a more useful, free and specially trustful place. In LibertaGia Mondial the question is: what benefits are you bringing to people?

Our Proposal

To create something different and better than what already exists. A smart company, driven by a cause that benefits people and generates financial freedom. We care about the durability and protection of global businesses and not just profits.



EasyBarg is a free classified ads portal available in 250 countries and translated in 6 languages. It is a free and easy way to buy and sell goods, with an amazing new feature, a Chat box, in which sellers can comunicate directly with potencial buyers. Easybarg directly connects buyers and sellers with common interests

GiaGift is the Online Sweepstake website of LibertaGia Mondial which is based on the model of the lowest unique bid. GiaGift has regular sweepstakes were the prize is a premium car and the participation cost is $1 for each bid.

LiveBX is a cloud storage service (hosted in Amazon servers), which lets you save, sync and share files. This service also includes a personal agenda and a Music player.

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