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In life, there are two main types of memories you can make: good ones or bad ones. I have come to terms with the fact that both can be made in life and that both are present in my life now. Whatever you do makes memories and if you really consider this in terms of romantic relationships, it makes even more sense.

Anyway, this blog post is not about romantic relationships. It is about how people make memories in life. You make memories when you go about your normal days and do things you like to do. With this understanding in mind, you can be more aware of the kinds of memories you are making for yourself.

As you live your life, you make memories and do things you will remember, either good or bad. Whatever the type you make, that you will also remember. So it is advisable to think before you get yourself involved in many things that you might regret. I take a second or more for more thought about how my day is going and what memories I am going to get from it.

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