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The importance of listening cannot be emphasized enough in life. It is of great importance and without proper listening skills you can safely say that your communication is limited and weak. A lot happens when you listen well. You understand things better and open up the way for great accomplishments.

One might ask why listening is important still. Well, the purpose of communication is to exchange ideas, right? Well, listening completes the process of communication. It is not complete until the recipient gets the message.

So many things can go wrong if you don't learn to listen well. Some people don't have ability to express themselves plainly and only a good listener can really understand what it is exactly the want to communicate. This gives you a great advantage.

Take a relationship for example. Have never heard people say that nobody understands them as much as their partners do? This is because they have learned to listen attentively to their partners over time. Learn how to listen and improve your relations.

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