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I have to admit that I rarely think about death, as do most of us. It is a subject a lot of people prefer to ignore, but it's like an elephant in a room. We think about a lot of other stuff, but rarely about death, yet it is something we all will experience.

The only time I get to think about it is probably when I lose someone to it or when I have a near-death experience. That is sure to make thoughts of death dwell in my mind for a while.

Well, I don't see anything wrong with accepting my mortality. Why deny it when it will just happen anyway. I don't like acting like it won't when I know that it will. I love to live but I am aware of how temporary this existence is.

Anyway, not to dwell on thoughts about death too long, I would like to encourage all to live their lives to the fullest and ignore anyone trying to thwart their lives. We have to love ourselves and love others, but also live our lives as we see fit.

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