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Life and literature are complementary to each other like the body and soul to give the sense of any living thing Literature is the reflection of one's life. Literature deals with all corners and nooks of man's thought and his surroundings. Literature provides the soul and energy to the dry and meek structure of man's life. Life is full of vicissitudes and these create the pleasure of life and literature explains and embellishes the causes at bottom responsible for the colorful presentation of life.

Ever since the man was sent to earth, he is facing complexities and miseries. He has either himself inflicted these miseries on his fellow beings or some natural calamity has caused the sorrow of man. After religion it is the literature, which has tried to provide solace to the groaning humanity in one way or the other. Even since the ancient man to the modern man, literature has remained the lovable legacy of humanity. Until there is a single breathing man, the literature will remain as the light house for those who are in search of never ending pleasures of life. Here I am not giving preference to the literature over religion, but both are the fundamental requirements of man. Religion is the heavenly literature, completely soaked with the didacticism, revealed chosen people for the amelioration of humanity. Literature is the man-created stuff by few chosen people to give the outlet for man's expression. We know that the fault is not with religion or with literature, but it is with man. A few religions of the world could flourish, although all of them were paving the path for goodness. Literature also suffers may obstacles in the course of it's propagation. From Homer to the modern writers, all are trying to represent the mental aspirations of man.

"Literature mirrors life". It shows all the pros and cons of the specific time. A sublime literature is not limited to certain demarcated boundaries, but it appeal universally. Religion has always remained the refuge of man and those who could not find in religion, then it is only literature which provides them company. Literature broadens the horizons of one's thoughts. Literature does not let your life be alone. You have so many characters, images, places, scenes and natural objects at your disposal, that they become the friend of your solitude.

This thing stops life from becoming bore and insipid. The shape of one's thinking expands, when he experiences so many novel and strange things coming from the pen of great men. If religion has brought the 50% change in the life of man on the surface if earth, then literature can safely claim of bringing 10% change. Even if there is no chance, at least literature is justified to say that it has not harmed humanity, rather it always registered the protest against, what man is doing with other man. Man has spiritual, physical, social and mental plains, and is the part of whole web, forming the whole web marked with the over whelming thoughts and intense feelings. There are many positive changes in man's approaches after studying literature. The literature provides you to sift out all the raw material around your golden statue. The mode of thinking the handling of problems, the dealing with affairs, has always remained the pivotal point in man's life. There always comes good changes, in marshalling all these affairs after studying literature. Literature enlivens the dormant and half-dead potentials of a man. The true spirit of literature Becomes life-style of man. The life is ornated and embellished, if it is truly yoked with the literature. Literature helps to conceive all the possible things, which either happened on the surface of earth or are supposed to happen. It is the healing effect of literature which compelled Matthew Arnold to anticipate that in coming time poetry will replace the religion of "The sick hurry and divided aims world. The experiences of the centuries have proved threat the pen is mightier than the sword". The pen represents all the good literature, spread in the world. The literature has rescued the humanity from the ignorant clutches of ignorant ages. Life of a man is obliged to the literature and literature is always engaged to teach man his real seat in the universe. Dr-Samuel Johnson said "It is not important how to die, but it is important how to live. To lead life is not important but to lead a good life is important". We enjoy all the masterpieces ever written in the world of literature and such works become the silent companions of our daily life. We take help from our favourite characters and we feel pride to apply their modes of living in our lives. Literature is the name of all those facts and expression which represent the scheme of human passion and their mundane interactions. Literature is not like rolling of the beads with specific length, but it has shining pearls and radiant gems strown on endless thread, one end in our hand stretching everyday. Literature teaches you not only the art of living and knowing but also of being known and living after death.

Literature basically teaches us to co-ordinate the thorn and flowers, zenith and nadir, material and heavenly objects and quickens our mind and restores our passions. It patches the fragments into a single whole, indicating the philosophical notion of single whole. This world is like a book and the human beings provide the charm of diction, natural objects are apostrophes and animals including birds are detached observations and meanwhile inanimate things are foils to human beings. 

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