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as time goes by youre filled with wisdom and life experiences.....its up 2 you to take that wisdom and implement it into your own life and make something of it, i have lerned that this town is full of people who with smile right to your face but be the fakest people ever, a verry wise person once told me being humble isent thinking less of yourself....but thinking of yourself less...witch i have been doing since December and i gota say lifes not as stressful as it once was.....iv seen the best and worst of people...and im proud of myself for still being alive to this day and haveing the friends that i do that have stayed by me this whole time...threw the thick...thin...good times and bad time...and i love you all { to the not being dumb as fuck and partying my life away any more squad!} and Blue Team go j Squad wink emoticon

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im a video gamer fix computers for fun alwase expanding my mind and lerning more and more daylie...i smoke ...i drink from time to time...i have a life and get out and party XD i love my friends and family.....but video games will alwase be my 1 true love ;)

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