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This blog is for all those peoples and specially for young generation who is afflicted with doubts and disappointed about the future life.I was also disappointed when the board of Air Force me but now I have realized that life gives us many opportunities.There is no need to be tense and anxious.There is always a chance for hard working young men to reach the top position which is always vacant.
The best book has not yet written.It means that you can write a better book;you can make a new discovery;and win a noble price or become famous.In the same way the best race has not been run.This means you can run faster than others and make his mark in athletics.the best song has not been sung.The people who want to sing a song can sing an excellent song and surpass other singers.You can play a new tune and become an great musician.I want to say that this world is not fully developed.There is a lot of scope for diligent and talented boy.So you must be happy and hopeful about your future life.
If someone think that there is no chance for him to do extra-ordinary in this world,then i put him a simple question,if it is so,then why the world is waiting so anxiously for the great things you are going to create in the near future.The store of true wealth of this world is still scanty.The needs of this world are never-ending and very great.It is the duty of young generation to fulfill his requirement.
This world is never satisfied with what it has,it always desires intensely for more and more power and beauty,more laughter and fun and short-term exiting relationship,more faithfulness,hard work and performance of duty.
There is an ample chance in every field of life,provided you have a will to avail himself the chance.There is very bright future for the young generation.The best poetry has not been composed yet.So those who have aptitude for poetry,can compose beautiful verses.The best house has not yet been designed by anyone.Architects can think of planning a house with maximum facilities.The highest region of the sky has not yet been explored.The largest and the widest rivers have not yet been crossed.The best jobs are still waiting for the young people of strong resolution to start them.There is a large scope for doing the best works in all the fields of life.So you can perform some Herculean tasks and become one of the great men of the world.

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I am a student of Bsc Agricultural scinece .I am from Pakistan. I belong to Haripur.

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