Life hacking for a flawless matte leather Girls advice to you

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The correct and beautiful makeup, of course, begins with the application of colors. Perfectly matte skin is seen as an ideal, without which, in principle, make-up can not be complete.

1. Proper hydration

Before each application or database tonal resources should be thoroughly moisturize the skin. If this is not done, the tone soon clogged the folds of wrinkles and it is sure to be noticeable. After applying a good moisturizer in a minute need to wet face cloth to remove excess oil and shine. As a rule, all the necessary nutrients cream soak in the first 30 seconds.

2. Disguise

As a rule, many of the girls in the first place is applied to the tone, and only then begin to mask the flaws. In principle, the method is popular and make-up artists, but it is not so smooth. Experts, as usual, to make up for the podium girls, actors and just the famous people whose image is observed from the side, where it is not seen all the fine details. If you have direct eye contact, even at a distance of half a meter all the wrinkles and flaws will be perfectly clear. Therefore, you must first dotted mask the dark circles under eyes, pimples and other imperfections, and applied after the tone.

3. Down with bruises

To eliminate traces of lack of sleep we need a special camouflage concealer right tone. If the area under the eyes has a bluish tinge, it means to be a sand-colored if purple - the color of peach concealer, but if bruised green, the pink color of their great disguise. And do not be afraid of the differences of the color gamut of color concealer. Typically, after applying any tone color boundaries will not be observed.

4. Good tone

It has been a time when ladies enjoyed foundation called "Ballet". And it's not about the brand, and the texture. After application of such a dense skin tone turns into a wall with a bulk layer of plaster. The texture of the cream should be light, not very pigmented, like BB or CC creams. You can also use a light fluid, which is more suitable for young skin. It perfectly mattes the skin and hides all the imperfections. The main thing - to see the limits and in any case not to overdo it with color.

5. napkins into battle

After graduating from applying makeup to wait 5 minutes and wet face cloth. Do not be afraid that makeup can go bad, for this time the tone is completely settled and you can remove the excess funds which are always present on the face. After, you can apply a little powder and highlighter to give a natural glow.